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My name is Liz and I am an Australian Vision Impaired Artist, a mother of three beautiful children, and I live with my family on our small hobby farm with a cow, sheep, chooks, ducks and a beautiful Blue Heeler.

As an Artist I love to experiment with different materials, art mediums and techniques, with a particular focus on all things fibre related. I love the texture that fibre offers as a medium, how versatile it can be and the potential for creating so many different things from the one material. I am also passionate about and madly in love with colour. 

Colours are important to me and also feature heavily in my work because they are the largest part of my remaining vision, so I literally experience my world through colour. They are so important that the rainbow that is featured in my logo that I designed is very special to me, and is a strong theme throughout my work. The bright hand dyed colours that are the prominent featured in most of my work are unique to Liz Green Arts, and are colours that I have personally created and blended in the Liz Green Arts Studio myself.

I love nothing more than to experiment with the techniques, colours and mediums to create beautiful bespoke artworks that reflect my vision. As my love for my creative and artistic work has evolved, I found other people were loving what I was doing and so Liz Green Arts grew from the simple creative hobby to the unique Studio Micro Business that it is today.

Over the last few years there has been an increase in the amount of people interested in my work. So, in between having each of my children, I have developed a custom collection of my fibre work. The products that make up this Liz Green Arts Collection are hand dyed and hand blended fibres, hand dyed and handspun yarns, one of a kind handwoven pieces, and other bespoke handcrafted products.

It is incredibly rewarding to create the finished products for this collection. Going through the process of taking the high quality natural fibres, hand dyeing them with my colours, and then blending them together with other luxury fibres like Mulberry Silk is really magical. After this, they are transformed further through either felting them or hand spinning them into yarn. Further turning this handspun yarn into a handwoven or handcrafted product is a real delight as each yarn and subsequent product are so uniquely one of a kind.

As my interests in different handcrafts and the use of the various mediums grew, I found sourcing high quality materials, supplies, tools and equipment increasingly difficult and soon found other artists and hand crafters were also experiencing this same problem.

Other artists and crafters soon started asking if they could purchase supplies from me and so, to fill this increasing demand, I started to source high quality supplies and equipment directly, not only to provide the materials and equipment that I needed to produce my Collection, but to also support other artists and crafters with their work.

I try to provide to my customers the highest quality of products I can source. I also endeavour to supply Australian Grown and Australian Made where I possibly can, and support other Australian Owned Business and Artists where possible.

I look forward to supporting other creators where I can, and I offer custom work alongside my current collection, so please contact me for a quote and timeframe for your project.

I would love to see photos of what you create from my yarns and fibres, and I greatly welcome any feedback on my work.

I look forward to expanding the Collections I have to offer in the future.

Happy Crafting!
Thanks for looking and your support in my work,
Liz :-)



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